Redundancy and Yodaisms

It’s a very odd feeling being told your role is being made redundant. In many respects it’s like a break up; first comes sadness, then panic, then anger, then the horrible phase in which you perform a Gestapo-style interrogation on yourself to try and work out what you did wrong. Once you come to the conclusion that it wasn’t your fault you can begin to build your sense of self-worth back up again, but it takes time to get your confidence back and dip your toe into another relationship again.

The problem is, when the relationship in question is your job, you don’t have time to wait for the broken heart to mend before putting yourself out there again. You have to throw yourself straight into the job search, even though you’re still feeling raw and vulnerable. Then come the rejections – you know they’re an inevitable part of the process and that you’re unlikely to be the best candidate for every single role you apply for but, given that you’re not exactly at your most positive, it further erodes your confidence to be knocked back.

Then, sure enough, that one elusive role comes along which you deem perfect for you, and a new love affair begins. In most cases the honeymoon period will wear off and you’ll be forced to move on again, but for the lucky few they’ll find a job they can mate with for life.

And that is what I cling to as I embark on my next search.


Just stumbled across this and feel it’s particularly relevant to my current situation. No further explanation required.

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