This is me

Today I feel I’m standing at a crossroad, or perhaps on the edge of a precipice. All roads in my life so far have led me here, for whatever reason, and the outcome of today’s events will take me in a new direction, for better or worse.

I’ve spent too long comparing myself to other people and worrying that I’m not ambitious enough, rich enough or clever enough. I can only be who I am, and the journey I am on, whilst far from over, is one that’s full of twists and turns and moments of self-doubt. This is something I must accept.

I’m probably putting too much emphasis on today as being so pivotal in my life. After all, when one door closes another opens, I have found that to be true many a time.

Though sometimes self-doubt washes over me like a tidal wave, the fact is it never drowns me, but rather propels me forward to some new and exciting state of being. And it’s for this reason I’m no longer scared of it.

I cannot be anyone else, only the best version of myself.

And whatever the outcome of today, I know things will work out as they should.


Taken in the gardens in Sydney Harbour.

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