Weddings and Argos (a bad combination)

Yesterday’s wedding was absolutely lovely, though it rather unfortunately ended with me falling asleep in my room at the B&B – with the only key – before my friend got back. Needless to say she was less than impressed when half an hour of loud banging on the door failed to rouse me from my slumber, and she subsequently had to sleep in a vacant (but, by all accounts, pretty grotty) single room on another floor. The text I received from her at the moment of her giving up and going to the other room ended with the words “I may kill you in the morning if I see you,” which I think sums up her general state of mind fairly accurately. Fortunately she has since forgiven me, and is now finding the whole situation rather more humorous.

Needless to say after a somewhat boozy wedding and the accommodation drama (which saw me get less than four hours’ sleep in total) I wasn’t all that keen on spending my afternoon buying essential items for the new flat (which, aside from the bed, sofas and hoover was pretty much empty), but like the trooper I am I nonetheless trooped dutifully down to Argos in Brixton (via Brixton village for a slap up pulled pork bap lunch). An hour and £130 later I was back at the flat unpacking an assortment of cheap kitchenware, and I am now going to have a much earned rest. Until tomorrow…

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