What’s MY problem? My only problem is YOU!

The older I get the more I come to realise the virtues of self-awareness. I should preface this post by acknowledging that I’m far from perfect myself, but I do – for the most part at least – have a fairly competent radar for detecting when I’m being a bore and/or getting on someone else’s nerves. Some people, however, seem to have been born without such radar capabilities and are therefore able to spend vast swathes of their daily lives in a state of blithe obliviousness as to just how many of their fellow human beings they are driving to the brink of insanity with their behaviour.

The most maddening type of un-self-aware person is the person who gets constantly upset by other peoples’ behaviour without making any connection whatsoever between others’ behaviour and their own. In other words, the cause and effect principle is so completely lost on them that even if you held up flash cards to highlight that they, in fact, were the root cause of your irritation they would merely tell you that you were being ridiculous and heap insult upon your character (or, more likely still, accuse you of heaping insult upon their character, as a sneaky means of deflection from the true problem – which is, ostensibly to everyone but themselves, actually them).

As such people are prone to having delicate sensibilities, it’s often hard to know whether to grin and bear the extreme irritation their mere presence evokes or to attempt in some way to address the issue and tell them their behaviour is unacceptable. Whichever option you choose will have consequences, and possibly far-reaching ones at that. Remember the rule of cause and effect? Well, that. Ultimately this is a battle of your sanity against theirs, and only a brave man (or woman) will risk toppling the house of cards that is a fragile person’s entire personality. You have been warned.

5 thoughts on “What’s MY problem? My only problem is YOU!

  1. Oh my heavens can I relate to this, I have a family member who is victim-y and has yet to take accountability for things that have happened. I have reached the point of feeling sorry for this person. They continue to face the same problems that if they were to own them, they could and would grow and be so much happier with themselves and others!

    • The amazing thing is this person thinks they’re enlightened and resolutely fails to see they are the absolute opposite. Their favourite phrase is “why is this happening to ME?” as if every problem in life is deliberately seeking them out. DRIVES ME MAD. Take some responsibility for yourself and man up!!!

      • Oh my heavens yes!! That being very hurtful but does nothing wrong its everyone’s else’s fault! And same here I have to gear up for family events their negativity and always trying to create drama is exhausting!

  2. My life in a blog post. Bravo. To quote the (fictional admittedly, nonetheless enlightened) character Annie Savoy in Bill Durham: “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self awareness”.

    • Ha, great quote, and so very true. Am at my wits end with this person. There’s a strong possibility I may go crazy as a result of their inanity (I’m not sure that’s a word, but since it’s Friday and I’m tired I’m going to take a chance).

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