Hey Shorty…

After the success that was my first experience of a US blues rock band, Vintage Trouble, tonight my musical odyssey continues with a gig at Koko in Camden by New Orleans trumpet and trombone player, Trombone Shorty. Both recommendations came courtesy of my friend and travelling (now also gig) partner Gabrielle, whose finger is pushing hard on a pulse I never knew existed (my own music collection to date comprising a handful of woefully old drum and bass albums and a random assortment of chart music so cheesy even Steps would have refused to sing it).

The Vintage Trouble gig was a few weeks ago now, but I can still remember the energy of the crowd and the phenomenal stage presence of the (not unattractive, which always helps) band members. Their charisma, confidence and catchy tunes sliced through my Monday blues like a well-oiled knife, which is exactly what I’m hoping Trombone Shorty will succeed in replicating this evening after what has been a frankly shocking day. Gabrielle assures me Vintage Trouble were but a warm up for this, the main event. Trombone Shorty, my man, you’ve got your work cut out tonight, let me tell you-see you Short-ly (see what I did there? I’m here all week).


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