For Sarah

A bit late, but I blame the tube. I wrote this poem today for my beautiful friend Sarah, who I saw tonight for what might be the last time before she flies back to Australia to start a new life after the tragic loss of her wonderful boyfriend Paul. I hope she won’t mind me posting this, but they have both left such a mark on me I can’t help but show it. Xxx

For Sarah

When we met we hit it off and laughed the night away,

That weekend in our lovely lodge was just the perfect stay.

We went to our friends’ wedding and we had such a good time,

Then woke to find Paul cooking and a view that was sublime.

We soaked in the jacuzzi until we were like prunes,

Your lovely bracelet lost its glow because we were such loons.

After that we threw ourselves down the kids’ waterslide,

The look on the kids’ faces made our hearts all swell with pride.

Your Paulie and my Rory played some crazy golf outside,

As you and I took time to preen before we took a ride

To Em and Harry’s celebration wedding barbecue

And from that weekend on I’ve been so glad to have met you.

We have so much in common like our love of fancy dress,

And fondness for a spot of raving to fun drum and bass.

So all I really want to say is that I will miss you,

Please stay in touch and here’s a little gift from me to you.



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