Today I’m musing on the concept of ‘over-sensitivity,’ after I posted a tweet saying I was feeling over-sensitive and one of my followers responded by saying she doesn’t like that term because she believes (and here I quote @emjs81 – hope she doesn’t mind!): “I think if something upsets us it’s because it’s real to us, and therefore somewhere someone’s been insensitive.” When I explained I sometimes take things more personally than they’re intended and then end up feeling I’ve overreacted her response was “that’s perfectly valid and to me an indicator that others need to get to know you better and be more sensitive.”  I think there is so much truth in this.

Normally I handle teasing pretty well – not least because I feel that I often court it with my too-frequent posting on social media and over-planning to the point of being anally retentive. I can take the odd joke at my expense but sometimes, for some reason, the joke will go too far and hit a nerve – and it’s at that point I start to feel paranoid and upset.

I think perhaps in recent weeks I’ve just been taking on too much and the strain is beginning to show. The thought of having a few days with nothing whatsoever to do is becoming increasingly more appealing (when isn’t it?!) – roll on Christmas…

As an aside, the Twitter exchange I’ve just mentioned is a perfect example of the positive side of social media – there’s nothing like an instant, free counsellor to help allay your worries and rationalise your behaviour and emotions – thanks @emjs81!

1 thought on “Oversensitivity

  1. I think your original tweet and your friend were right. Sensitivity is nothing that can be measured objectively. On the one hand, one should take things too personal, on the other hand that is not always possible. I guess it’s a process involving both sides and it never ends.

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