Gym Fun

I am writing today’s post from the somewhat unconventional location of an exercise bike in the gym. Whilst this is an excellent example of multi-tasking (read it and weep boys-sorry, too sexist?) the primary reason for this (besides making the pain of exercise marginally more bearable due to the distraction it provides) is that I wanted to write a real time appraisal of the box fit exercise class that is taking place to my right. Or, more specifically, to pass comment on the extremely annoying fitness instructor who ‘teaches’ it. In the past five minutes alone I have witnessed her:

  • Smirking to herself (presumably at something terribly funny that nobody besides her deserves to know)
  • Checking herself out in the mirror (not wanting to be disparaging about a fellow female of the species but she’s not all that, believe me)
  • Flirting with any male instructor who happens to walk past (and a fair few male gym goers)
  • Doing the bare minimum of actual exercise (besides the occasional show-off manoeuvre on her skipping rope – which, gratifyingly, I just witnessed her messing up completely)
  • Offering very little by way of instruction, advice or encouragement (presumably due to previous points)

“All our tutors are active personal trainers,” say the signs on the TV screens (which frankly makes me call into question these people’s definition of ‘active’). When I joined this gym a few weeks ago I was quite keen to try the box fit class, but after witnessing it ‘in action’ I think I’ll give it a wide(r than the instructor’s arse and ego) berth…

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