The Belle is Back (Ache Central)

I’ve returned from my self-imposed social media exile, however there are currently more pressing matters at hand than catching up on a month of people’s Facebook news feeds. What could that possibly be? I hear you cry. I’ll tell you what: Pulling off a miraculous five day recovery from acute back pain in time to run this weekend’s Rome marathon.

That’s right, after 19 long weeks of preparation and training my body has finally succumbed to the strain and has, for the past week, been categorically refusing to do anything other than hurt. A lot. I’ll admit I didn’t help myself with a day of skiing in Sweden at the weekend but I honestly thought I was on the mend. How wrong I was. Since then things have gone downhill to the point of needing round the clock ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine.

But I haven’t come this far to give up now, no siree. Last week there were tears and hysterics, this week it’s positive mental attitude all the way. There are still four full days to recover, and I’m determined to throw every last grenade of wellbeing at this situation: Massages, stretches, reiki, Epsom salt baths – anything at all. It feels awful not being able to run but even the professionals are telling me that rest is my only hope of being race fit come this Sunday, so who am I to argue? All I can do is hope and pray I’ve done enough to make it across that finish line. Positive vibes from my lovely followers would be very welcome and gratefully received (as would donations here). The race is, quite literally, on.


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