Today there were convictions; the culmination of almost two years of angst. At least in legal terms. Emotionally the angst will never be purged. Because what little satisfaction comes from people paying for their sickening crimes does nothing to bring back the person who fell victim to them. That person who had everything to live for. Who should be here today.

But let his memory not be tarnished with inaccurate news reports and unreliable eyewitness accounts. Instead, let him be remembered at his best, for everything he was, for everything he achieved and for the infinite joy he brought so many.

His passing has taught us so much about what it is to live. That we must never EVER take this precious life for granted. That we must love until we are fit to burst. That we must fill our lives with fun, sprinkling joy and laughter all around us like fairy dust.

And so, forever, we will remember. X

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