20:20 Vision

Laser eye surgery has never been as appealing as it was at midday today when, during an important work conversation with a colleague, my contact lens decided to make its way around the inside of my eye and separate into two distinct parts. I managed to retrieve one of these parts (the other is still AWOL somewhere in the back of my eye socket-nice), but my vision with one contact in and one out was so distracting that I had to go all the way home to get a replacement lens.

After months of being nagged about his squinting at the TV my boyfriend also recently signed up to a three month contact lens contract. Unfortunately, however, he’s finding it too difficult to overcome his body’s natural reaction to fight against alien objects being forcibly put into his eyes, and is now considering cancelling the contract and looking into laser eye surgery himself.

I’ve always thought I was too squeamish to have lasers directed at my corneas, but now I think about all the times my contacts have dried up, popped out, scratched my eye and started hurting at inopportune moments I’m beginning to wonder if it might be worth it after all. My prescription isn’t even that bad (-2.5 and -2.25 for my fellow contact-wearers who might be interested), but once the gift of 20:20 vision has been restored it’s hard to give it up and go back to a life with fuzzy edges.

The only problem is the cost of it – laser surgery does not come cheap, at least not in this country. It’s therefore looking like my only option for contact-free perfect vision might be to rob a bank – providing I can find my way to the safe…

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