Return of the domestic goddess

Love it or hate it, we all turn into grown-ups in the end and today I think I may have officially made the transition. Why? Because today, instead of having a long lie in and spending the day loafing around in my pyjamas watching old episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride (don’t judge me) and eating Hagen Dazs out of the tub, I was up at 9am to clean the flat from top to bottom before heading to a dentist appointment, returning some time later with a bag full of ingredients for a slow cooked lamb tagine. I also stopped off at the hardware store on the way home to purchase a new draining rack, a soap dish and a pair of tea towels. And, if the garden shop on the high street hadn’t had such a pathetic selection of stock I might have brought back a plant or two for the flat – dare I say even herbs in a window box? What has become of me?

There’s probably no cause to worry just yet that my youth has finally forsaken me. Rather, this is the yin and yang principle at work again, redressing nature’s fragile balance after a couple of days of hedonistic fun at Carnival. And, being completely honest, Don’t Tell The Bride and a grab bag of roast beef flavoured Monster Munch *may* have featured somewhere on today’s itinerary…What can I say? Whether young or old, old habits die hard.

Domestic goddess

After a year and a half of paying for a cleaner and barely lifting a duster or a mop I’ve today discovered something incredible: I have an inner domestic goddess, and she actually rather enjoys cleaning.

There’s something very satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and getting busy with the hoover and the Mister Sheen. Not only does putting in a bit of elbow grease give you a sense of pride in your own home, it’s also pretty good exercise. What’s more, giving the place a good going over is a cleansing process, setting you up for the week ahead. In fact, now I’ve done it for the first time in a long while I can’t believe I wasted so much money getting someone else to do it for me.

Tomorrow I’ll be continuing the domestic goddess theme with my first attempt at a casserole cooked in the new slow cooker. Move over Nigella, there’s a new cook in town. And she’s becoming unrecognisable even to herself…